About the podcast

This podcast is about celebrating the artists, composers, producers, musicians, record labels and musical genres of songs of the past, present and future of recorded music. The focus is not only on what became “hits” but also what was “missed”, often despite critical acclaim or positive recognition within the music community. Each show is organized around a central theme. My hope is to have the audience look at an era, an idea, an artist and so on with a new perspective or appreciation. The author has logged hundreds of hours on radio in the past 20 years and has presented the music around a researched thesis for the purpose of “bringing to light” THAMPS uniqueness. SERKA can draw from over 120,000 tunes that are available to him.

SERKA has been a radio guest on various radio stations in Vancouver and New York, on the subject of “Trivia”.

In the late 1970′s, SERKA and two fellow criminal lawyers, became the “Earls of Esoterica” and entered the CBC-TV’s “Trivia” Show. For two consecutive years they were the B.C. Winners on the Red Robinson-hosted television show.  Subsequently in 1984, they invented and published the music trivia board game called “Billboard Presents Top 40 Trivia” by the Earls of Esoterica.  In 1985 the magazine “Games” selected it for its Games 100 list, the top games of 1985.

SERKA had been the host of “THE HIT AND MISS PARADE SHOW” on COOP radio from the mid 1990’s until last year when he decided to go into podcasting.